Assim vivemos - 6º Festival Internacional de Filmes sobre deficiência


Every year we hold Assim Vivemos, we are surprised by the impression of a huge world trend, since we receive several films with the same topic that are produced far apart and one filmmaker does not know about the existence of the others.

For some years, the main theme was love; in others, most of the movies were about the political fights of disabled people. This year, we have received a big amount of films about people with autism, followed closely by films about people with Down syndrome and intellectual impairment – and it seems to us that there are issues less discussed by society than others which are more specific than the physically disabled, for example.



Submissions to 7th Brazil´s Disability Film Festival opened

Regulations in English (.pdf)

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  • 16.06.2016
  • 11.04.2016
  • 08.03.2016

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