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With this second edition, the Brazil’s 2nd Int’l Disability Film Festival and the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center consolidate as a place for reflection on the issues related to people with disabilities and their inclusion in society, a place for celebrating life and differences, and a place for establishing audiovisual as a ground instrument for ideas and emotions that contribute by making life better for all of us.

The great number of submissions - many of them of films produced directly to TV in several countries - shows us how this discussion evolved in the last two years all around the world and how hard do we still have to work to address these issues in a consistent, creative and permanent way in the media. Thus, we will be able to stop prejudice and find new ways to deal with the social inclusion of people with disabilities.

The 33 films shown along two weeks constitute a very diversified panel of themes and approaches. They go from intimacy to politics and from poetry to controversy. It's important to notice the high quality level of all the productions, which made us establish awards which will be granted by a jury and another one by the general public. It is our way of acknowledging the films' excellence and stimulating new works.

As a biennial event, the Brazil’s 2nd Int’l Disability Film Festival intends to serve the Brazilian society, the community of people with disabilities and the community of filmmakers as a dialogue channel with the world and among us, the Brazilian people, thus, uniting so many other enterprises around the country aiming to help and build a more brotherly, inclusive and equal society.
Lara Pozzobon e Gustavo Acioli